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Senior Pastor - Aaron Timberlake

Aaron was raised in church but was not living for The Lord, then at 21 years old he decided to give his life to God. He attended Brownsville Revival School of Ministry and has been in ministry for over 15 years. He has been a senior, associate and youth pastor, along with evangelizing across the United States. He is married to Rose and they have two great sons, Brendan and Trenton; their family enjoys being involved in ministry together. His primary goals for Destination Church is to see heaven revealed, souls saved and families healthy.

Worship & Youth Leader - Garrett Lough

Garrett was not raised in church and came from a broken family, through his struggles and trials as a child and young adult he overcame addictions, anger, and depression. He had a radical encounter with the living God in 2005 that shook him to his core. Five years later he met his high school sweetheart, and was married in 2014. Together they have a beautiful baby boy, David, born January of 2016. Garrett's testimony is his driving force in his pursuit of God. His love for God is shown through his growing youth ministry, and powerful spirit filled worship. His primary goal for Destination Church is to see a generation that is not afraid to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ for everyone they encounter.

Prayer Pastor - Brenda Elkins

Brenda was saved at age 22 and has been married to Earl for 26 years. Her father was a the senior pastor of a church in Martinsburg, West Virginia. She graduated from Brownsville Revival School of Ministry and has been in ministry for over 20 years. At Destination Church she heads up the altar prayer team, teaches on prayer, leads prayer meetings, disciples and teaches personal ministry. Her vision is to train people up in their giftings and to help them find their calling.