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Journey Youth

12-18 years old

Journey Youth is a place where teenagers can experience a raw, powerful, and real encounter with The Father! We long for miracles signs and wonders in our youth. We believe God is alive and has crazy awesome plans for us! Each Thursday evening we meet in the main sanctuary for worship and after we break away, we head to our rustic urban youth room for games, food, and await the encounter!

Navigation Kids 

6 - 1 1 years old

Our church strives to make sure that Navigation Kids Church is the most fun your child will have all week! The children have a fantastic time playing competitive games, jumping, shouting & dancing to songs, learning challenging biblical teachings, and earning tickets to redeem at the Kids Shop for prizes. 

Young Explorers 

Nursery & Preschool

 Our church has a passion to know that the children are not just receiving excellent care but that they are being taught the bible. The children have a great time learning, playing, singing and they love snack time! This class is made up of ages 0-5 years old.

Prayer Team

The prayer team has many functions including weekly teachings on prayer, prayer meetings, altar ministry, and personal ministry. As a believer, one of the most powerful weapons you have is prayer! Many do not realize how much the bible has to say about prayer and how incredible our communication can be with The Lord.